MyLashr | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

MyLashr brings you a hassle free scheduling of a highly trained and skilled lash stylist to travel to your home or hotel for a professional eyelash extension application on demand. We fulfil your request with a skilled and thoroughly trained and a 5 star professional in your area who’s available when and where you need them. At your preferred time, a lash stylist will arrive at your door with all the necessary supplies needed to fill in your beautiful set of eyelash extensions. Our motto is to give you the gift of time and beauty together. It will be as peaceful as falling into sleep mode.

MyLashr currently offers Classic Eyelash Extensions and Volume Eyelash Extensions. Refill appointments shall be no later than 3 weeks once the full set work has been performed. Full set appointments will be performed just keeping  in mind as to what exactly your heart desires for the look you wish to go with. 

  • Classic Extensions = One extension to each of your individual  natural lash. While performing the Classic Lash Extension application, the stylist will apply one thicker lash extension to one eyelash.
  • The ultimate goal of Classic lashes is to provide a natural look to the client.
  • Volume = These work on for a more professional finesse by applying multiple extensions to one natural lash
  • The lash stylist will create a fan-like placement of 2 or more “thin” extensions that are then applied to one natural lash.
  • Your stylist will evaluate your natural lashes to determine the number of “dimensions” that can be added.
  • Volume Lash extensions take more time and require a higher level of training.
  • The application of volume is to achieve a more dramatic red carpet look than classic eyelash extensions.
  • A full set of eyelash extensions is for newbies who are not currently wearing any eyelash extensions.
  • A full set of lash extensions necessitates a minimum of a 2-hour booking in order to get the fullest placed lashes for achieving the Classic or Volume Extensions look.
  • Although if you are already wearing lashes an additional 30 minutes will be required to remove your previous extensions.
  • A Refill is for clients who have had lash extensions applied within the last three weeks.
  • A Refill set is for clients who still have at least 50% of the lash extensions that were applied during the Full Set, or previous refill that brought the lash look to a full look.
  • For Lash Extensions applied between 2 and 3 weeks ago, book a 75-minute refill if you’re wearing Classic Lash Extensions and 90 minutes for Volume Lash Extensions
  • For Lash Extensions applied between 1 and 2 weeks ago, book a 60-minute refill if you’re wearing Classic Lash Extensions and 75 minutes for Volume Lash Extensions

Our home page has been designed to ease out the process of picking the best and selecting a convenient date for MyLashr extension services.

You can also use the search option to read detailed bios and reviews for each lash stylist on MyLashr and choose the one that matches your needs who serve your location.

MyLashr is very particular in choosing stylists to fulfil your desired lash services. Our trained stylist go through a vigorous background check and we ensure they are fully trained and licensed. 

Stylists demonstrate their eyelash extension application capabilities. We only accept the top levelled professionals, who have maintained the history of excellence and customer satisfaction.

We approach you with assurance of the highest level of quality, integrity and professionalism when booking through

Yes, absolutely! After your first appointment with an MyLashr stylist, you will be given the option to re-book with them again or choose another stylist working in your area.

MyLashr cherishes its clientele and customers like you! We’re happy to relieve the stress of booking appointments and all we hope to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful extended lashes. Stylists are required to only accept repeat clients that book through the MyLashr website or app.

Yes! Please completely REMOVE ALL MAKEUP from your lashes, eyelids, and under eye area prior to the arrival of your lash stylist. It’s important to thoroughly cleanse any and all makeup from your face. This will minimize clean-up and allow more time for applying your extensions.

You will also need to have a space available to allow the lash stylist to set up a massage table, a chair and small side table. A power source should be close by to power the light that the stylist will bring with her.